Oreo Chocolate Cake

I woke up this morning asking myself, “What’s going on in the world? I mean, in the political arena alone it seems like the world is going crazy. 🙂 And from whatever angle you look at it, the fanatical hype of political extremism abounds. I don’t know about you but I am sick and tired of all the political chatter on social media so I’d rather talk about food right now — about cakes, soups, comfort food — anything but politics! Continue reading “Oreo Chocolate Cake”

Black Forest Cake

Black Forest Cake (aka Swiss Black Forest Gateau) is my number one favourite cake. And it’s on top of the most delicious cakes I have made from scratch, better than any bakery or patisserie made. I found a recipe from The Cake Bible by Rose Beranbaum, award-winning American baker and cookbook author, and her version of this classic German cake was inspired by Confiserie Tschirren in Berne, Switzerland. They brought the recipe from Germany after World War II, and it has since become the national cake of Switzerland. In Rose Beranbaum’s words, “the Swiss version is far lighter and more delicate than the original German one, which also includes buttercream.” Continue reading “Black Forest Cake”

Celebrations and Cakes, Once Again

Consider this a mere placeholder.  Suffice it to say that I did bake these cakes last month for kids at our church. Three of our young people, Angeli, Heather and Tobi, graduated from high school and started junior college, and three small kids, Aaron, Kelly Mae and Zaye, celebrated their birthdays. I’ll come back and fill in this post with some details, and hopefully a recipe and more photos. PrincessCake.JPGAirplaneCake.JPGPoliceCarCake.JPGgraduationcakeAngeliTobiHeather.jpg

Madeira Cake

I’ve always loved the humble, not so difficult to make, but mind-bendingly-delicious cake. This Madeira Cake recipe taken from  Nigella Lawson’s cooking book “How to be a Domestic Goddess” is genuinely simple but very satisfying, and if decorated nicely with fruits, edible flowers, or anything you fancy really — then it becomes the prettiest cake you’ve ever seen.   Continue reading “Madeira Cake”

Friends and Summer Cake

For about three years now I’ve been baking a cake every first Sunday of the month for our church fellowship to celebrate the birthdays and anniversaries of members and regular attendees, and I always try a new recipe each month.  A few weeks ago I found this recipe and replaced some of the ingredients such as Guinness (beer) to suit my palate and of course, the congregation. Continue reading “Friends and Summer Cake”

Purple Yam Cheesecake and Purple Yam Donuts

Purple yam (we call it ube [ooh-beh] in the Philippines) occupies a special place in my heart. It’s one of those foods that I always associate with my hometown and sweet childhood memories. My maternal grandmother had ube plants in her backyard and she made sweets using this tuberous root vegetable. I was 10 when she passed on and my mother continued the tradition of making ube desserts. Every time I see a purple yam (fresh or preserve) I am always reminded of my hometown and the pleasant memories I had growing up in southern Philippines. Continue reading “Purple Yam Cheesecake and Purple Yam Donuts”