Things I learned about the British Culture: Christmas Traditions (Part 2)

In this series: ‘Things I learned about the British Culture’ Part 1.
Before I moved to London I knew next to nothing about the Christmas traditions in the UK. I had no idea that the main Christmas meal is eaten at lunchtime or early afternoon on Christmas Day; that the dinner table is decorated with Christmas Cracker; that people eat goose, brussel sprouts, pudding and mince pies for dessert (I thought mince pies were made with mince beef!), that they drink mulled wine, and that they tell their kids that their presents were from Santa. Seriously, every kid in the Philippines knew that Santa is a fake. Houses have no chimneys so how was he supposed to climb down to deliver the presents? Besides, it’s hard to believe that Santa is real when you see a skinny Filipino guy at the shopping malls or a hotel lobby dressed up in a red suit with fake cotton beard. 😆 Continue reading “Things I learned about the British Culture: Christmas Traditions (Part 2)”

East by West

A pop-up café has opened on Conduit Street five weeks ago, and it isn’t just one of those trendy plant-based café or restaurant that’s popping up everywhere in central London. This unique pop up is brilliant fun, a great concept by cookbook author, Filipino-Brit Jasmine Hemsley, inspired by the flavours of the East and brought to life with seasonal British produce. Continue reading “East by West”

The Sun in Splendour

Don’t be fooled by the title. 😉 The sun hardly comes out nor do we get much sunshine in London this time of the year. And even when it’s sunny and bright, it’s still freezing cold outside. Interestingly enough, around late autumn and early winter I always come across an article in the newspapers about people in the UK being encouraged to take vitamin D supplements; and that they claim that lack of sunshine and the gloomy weather is one of the main causes of depression for a lot of people in the country. Continue reading “The Sun in Splendour”