Marco Polo: An Untold Love Story (A Review)

A couple of years ago I was thrilled to hear that a new musical about Marco Polo will be on the London stage this summer. As a young girl I was quite familiar with the story of Marco Polo because I’ve heard from my father stories about this 13th century Venetian explorer. Marco Polo’s adventure captured my imagination, and I began to read books about him when I was about 9-10 years old. So my love for history aroused my curiosity for this particular theatre production, and I was really excited to watch it. Continue reading “Marco Polo: An Untold Love Story (A Review)”

Blenheim Palace Gardens

During our visit to Blenheim Palace three weeks ago we saw some of the finest examples of England’s artistry.  From the tapestries and paintings hanging on the walls to the exquisite furnishings and the grandiose ceiling — everything is a work of art and shows the skills of the artists and craftsmen who made an indelible mark at the Duke of Marlborough’s palatial home. Continue reading “Blenheim Palace Gardens”

Madeira Cake

I’ve always loved the humble, not so difficult to make, but mind-bendingly-delicious cake. This Madeira Cake recipe taken from  Nigella Lawson’s cooking book “How to be a Domestic Goddess” is genuinely simple but very satisfying, and if decorated nicely with fruits, edible flowers, or anything you fancy really — then it becomes the prettiest cake you’ve ever seen.   Continue reading “Madeira Cake”

Quintessential Mews in Notting Hill (1/2)

Prior to my first London trip back in 1999 I had no idea what a ‘mews’ was.  My very first visit to a mews was in west London, at Jared’s family home, located in a quiet enclave called ‘White Swan  Mews’ in Chiswick.  But it’s not the typical Victorian period mews with a cobbled-street and two or three storey cottages.  White Swan Mews is a rather modern, a post-war era gated neighbourhood with three-storey houses and a spacious backyard garden. Continue reading “Quintessential Mews in Notting Hill (1/2)”