Our Queen at 90: ITV Documentary

I read a lot of biographies about the kings and queens of England but I don’t watch royal documentaries. The only one I’ve watched was five years ago on the occasion of The Duke of Edinburgh’s 90th birthday. So it is fitting for me to also watch a documentary to celebrate Her Majesty’s 90th birthday.  Continue reading “Our Queen at 90: ITV Documentary”

Handel’s Messiah at The Royal Albert Hall

Messiah is a sublime masterpiece! And I realised this as I watched the Easter performance of Britain’s well-loved and respected choir. It was the perfect way to spend Good Friday afternoon. Continue reading “Handel’s Messiah at The Royal Albert Hall”

Southampton: The Jane Austen Heritage Trail Tour

Our reason for visiting Southampton three weeks ago was not just for the Titanic Trail Tour but also for the Jane Austen Heritage Trail Tour, and many other historical landmarks the city has to offer. Southampton, situated 75 miles southwest of London, is the largest city in Hampshire County and famous for its association with the ill-fated ship RMS Titanic. Southampton has always been a major port in Britain and is widely known as the cruise capital of Europe. The city is also home to the longest surviving stretch of medieval walls in England, and offers a very fascinating self-guided walking tours with impressive cultural offering from art galleries, museums, parks, to important historical landmarks and fantastic shopping facilities. Continue reading “Southampton: The Jane Austen Heritage Trail Tour”

The Strangest Family by Janice Hadlow (Book Review)

I love history. I like stories and I am interested in people, and the two seem to perfectly come together when reading history. Although I’ve read a lot of books about the Tudor, Stuart and Victorian era, the Georgian period hasn’t really caught my attention until recently. The play/movie ‘The Madness of King George’ has sparked my interest in the 18th century social history — the story of the people of Jane Austen’s novels, who watched as revolutions raged on the continent and who lived through enormous political, industrial, economic and social change. Continue reading “The Strangest Family by Janice Hadlow (Book Review)”

Benjamin Franklin House

Benjamin Franklin, scientist, inventor, diplomat and US Founding Father, lived in this old Georgian house on Craven Street between 1757 and 1775.  He made it his London home for nearly sixteen years, and it is the only remaining Franklin residence. Continue reading “Benjamin Franklin House”

Unexpected Idyllic Moments

Romance, in my humble opinion, has little to do with any specific location. It exists in a sequence of illuminated moments…snapshots taken when at least expected, and occur in the least likely of places. Sometimes all it takes to elucidate a moment is to share it with the right person. Continue reading “Unexpected Idyllic Moments”

Manila Hotel (A Review, 2nd of 2 Parts)

Here’s Part 1.

Manila Hotel is full of history and old world glamour. The tour of the Archives as well as the old ballroom and other prominent features of the hotel is just some of the things we love to do when we’re staying at the hotel. We’ve done it a few times before, during our previous visits, but we decided to do it again when we were in Manila last month. Every time we do the tour we always learn something new, some very fascinating stories about its famous residents. Continue reading “Manila Hotel (A Review, 2nd of 2 Parts)”

Manila Hotel (A Review, 1st of 2 Parts )

Every time Jared and I visit the Philippines we always stay at our favourite hotels in Manila. Staying at a hotel for the first few nights does allow us to easily transition ourselves into Phil. time without having to worry about trying to fit into my siblings’ busy schedule. Also, it gives us the time to reminisce the good ol’days. It was after all, at the lobby of ‘a hotel’ where Jared first laid his eyes on me. 😉 Continue reading “Manila Hotel (A Review, 1st of 2 Parts )”