Sky Garden: London’s Highest Roof Garden

London’s highest garden is located on top of the capital’s newest skyscraper, 20 Fenchurch Street, and it occupies three floors, 34th to 37th , and offers some of the most scenic and iconic views of the city. The building is the 5th tallest in the City of London Continue reading “Sky Garden: London’s Highest Roof Garden”

Musings on an Autumn Day

God is in everything, even in the most dark, despicable, and dismal situations. The poet Wilfred Owen realised this while going through a very distressing time in his life, and he wrote on his diary from the horrid trenches of the First World War, “I, too, saw God through the mud.” Continue reading “Musings on an Autumn Day”

Dinner at Savoy Grill and Kathleen’s Birthday Celebration

Savoy Grill is nothing new. It’s so not new, the name comes up every time The Savoy Hotel is mentioned. That’s because the legendary grill is in Savoy Hotel, one of London’s landmarks, and was frequented by celebrity diners such as the wartime Prime Minister Winston Churchill, Continue reading “Dinner at Savoy Grill and Kathleen’s Birthday Celebration”

Remembrance Poppy: Keep the Memory Alive

When I relocated to London fifteen years ago, I noticed that a lot of people, especially the elderly, had a red poppy pinned on their chest on Memorial Sunday. I followed the tradition without giving much thought to the profound meaning before sticking it dutifully on my chest. Continue reading “Remembrance Poppy: Keep the Memory Alive”

“POP: The Genius of Andy Warhol” by Tony Scherman and David Dalton (Book Review)

I read a lot of biographies but this is the first biography of an artist I’ve read. I guess books like this have a very specialised audience, and only those concerned more with the production of art rather than with the more private and sensational aspects of the artist’s life. Continue reading ““POP: The Genius of Andy Warhol” by Tony Scherman and David Dalton (Book Review)”

Reflections on Death and Dying

I lost my father on the 1st of November 1984. There are times when the grief is still fresh, but not as sharp as the pain of losing my mother when she died on the 15th of November 2009. I wanted to share with you what I’ve written on my diary on the 15th of January 2010, a couple of months after my mom passed on.

Continue reading “Reflections on Death and Dying”