I’ve been making bath salts recently — thanks to my friend Rhoda who introduced me to this wonderful concoction. But before I’m quite there let me just say that I’ve been using Epsom Salts, or Magnesium Sulphate, for warm baths, foot soak, shower scrub, facial wash, etc., for many years now (and I’ve also been taking this) but the idea of making bath salts never even occurred to me until I saw Rhoda’s Instagram post


Taking Magnesium has a whole host of benefits. It not only boosts magnesium levels in the body but it also alleviates muscular aches and pains, helps relieve stress, and other therapeutic effects.

This is what I’ve been using for many years now; I only order from this company and 10 kg would last me about 6 months (Disclaimer: I did not get paid to promote this product)

As soon as I saw Rhoda’s post, I immediately dried some flowers (I happened to have a bouquet of roses) on the microwave and made some bath salts. I followed Rhoda’s instructions and experimented with different essential oils — orange, lavender, etc.


The dried flowers smell so good that I decided to put some on a small ceramic dish on top of my desk and every time Jared comes in he’d tell me how he likes the smell  — and he’s not even into flowers, fragrance and all of that girly thing. So for the last three weeks I have this big jar of dried roses sitting in my desk and it will probably stay there forever!  (Photos above and below are before and after drying the flowers respectively.)


The bath salts are great DIY gift ideas to give to family and friends at any occasion. I have recently given away a few jars as birthday gifts to friends. I’ve simply put the bath salts in a jar, decorated them with dried autumn leaves and card tags  — and voilà, special gifts to friends! ( I love my Everyday Label Punch and enjoy making my own card tags.)


If you consider adding a cup or two of this concoction to your bath then you can also have a luxurious bath experience in your own home. And you might end up doing it regularly. The dried flowers and the essential oils will make your bathroom, and yourself, smell absolutely divine. 


After my morning run (I run 5 miles, at Kensington Gardens and Hyde Park, 3x a week), I usually soak my feet in warm water with epsom salts and a few drop of essential oils for 10 minutes. Now that I got the bath salts it’s even more convenient and pleasurable to do foot soak. I use them not just for foot scrub & exfoliating foot treatment but also for shower scrub and facial wash (I just add a tiny amount to my facial cleanser). All of us deserve a little pampering sometimes and this is one of those things I do to indulge myself in a little bit of luxury — at a minimal cost! 


If you’d like to make your own Bath Salts, please follow this link.


Haven’t done much crafting for ages but thanks to a very special lady who recently rekindled my desire for new creative pursuits. I am not very crafty myself but I used to do a lot of Scrapbooking on weekends even after I got married but haven’t done it for years. After our trip to Shetland last month I mentioned Rhoda in my blog; I’ve never heard of Stampin’Up! before but on the same day I’ve meet Rhoda and added her on Instagram and Facebook, I found out about her creative outlet; how she turned her hobby into a business and how she became a pioneer Stampin’Up! Demonstrator in the UK that enables her to travel around the country and some other European cities to teach crafting.


A couple of weeks after we returned from Shetland, Rhoda surprised me with a parcel that consists of Annual Catalogue 2017-18, Kit Card Soft Sayings, Stampin’ Scrub, Stampin’ Mist, Classic Stampin’ Pad Berry Burst, Glue Pen Fine-Tip and Scissors Paper Snips — a really beautiful Stampin’Up! kit that got me very enthusiastic about trying my hands on crafting once again.


The new catalogue gives you a lot of ideas on what you can do and while browsing through this book I realised that even those who are not into arts and crafts will be convinced that they can be creative.


Last week I finally got to continue playing with the kit and accomplished something. I finished working on one card and enjoyed it from beginning to end. 


It’s actually very easy and so much fun to do. Everything is provided in the kit and there’s loads of ideas on the catalogue or you can come up with anything you fancy. The last thing I did after stamping the word ‘To my dear friend’ on a piece of paper was to cut it out and used a Sharpie permanent marker on the border and then pasted it on top of the card.


I convinced myself after working on this card that I can certainly make more from now on and do no longer have to buy any cards.  If I only have the time, I’d love to do this on a daily basis as it’s a fantastic outlet to get my mind off from the hustle and bustle of London life but because there’s so much going on, I’d devote at least two hours 2-3x a week to do this.

Rhoda’s Instagram account has been a source of inspiration and I always look forward to her new post everyday. Anyone interested in crafting, please check her website Quick&EasyCrafter and try Stampin’Up! — it is very exciting, so much fun and a wonderful hobby to get into.