Afternoon Tea at Dukes Hotel (Favourite Haunt of James Bond’s Author Ian Fleming)

History of the Hotel:

The Dukes is not ostentatious nor glamorous, but rather a discreet hotel.  It used to be a hotel for dukes, earls, and other members of the British nobility who wanted to remain as inconspicuous as possible.  Anyone who is showy and wanted to be seen, went somewhere else.  Its proximity to the Court of St. James’s (St James’s Palace/Clarence House is just a stone throw away), made the hotel an old stomping ground of the old  British aristocrats. Continue reading “Afternoon Tea at Dukes Hotel (Favourite Haunt of James Bond’s Author Ian Fleming)”

Afternoon Tea at The Goring Hotel

Situated just a scone throw away from Buckingham Palace, The Goring is a London institution, and is the only hotel to get a Royal Warrant from the Queen. It’s also the very first hotel in the world to have en suite bathrooms and central heating installed back in 1910.  Continue reading “Afternoon Tea at The Goring Hotel”

Afternoon Tea at The Ritz Hotel

I’ve already taken tea at The Ritz several times and I would have saved a bit of money if I paid for all of them. But I only paid once back in 2001.  You see, I am a tea aficionado and could not say no to a visiting family or friend who’d asks me to join them for tea.  And they’re always willing to pay for the hefty price tag that comes with the eccentric experience of this quintessential British ritual. Continue reading “Afternoon Tea at The Ritz Hotel”