Celebrations and Cakes, Once Again

Consider this a mere placeholder.  Suffice it to say that I did bake these cakes last month for kids at our church. Three of our young people, Angeli, Heather and Tobi, graduated from high school and started junior college, and three small kids, Aaron, Kelly Mae and Zaye, celebrated their birthdays. I’ll come back and fill in this post with some details, and hopefully a recipe and more photos. PrincessCake.JPGAirplaneCake.JPGPoliceCarCake.JPGgraduationcakeAngeliTobiHeather.jpg

Gingerbread Village

For Christmas this year I made a mini-gingerbread village instead of a huge house or one of London’s iconic buildings as I’ve done in the past. As soon as I started making the templates I realised that it’s a lot more work and time-consuming than I had imagined. Continue reading “Gingerbread Village”