Southampton: The Titanic Trail Tour

When we visited Southampton last month we did the Jane Austen Heritage Tour, and of course, the Titanic Trail Tour. We started the Titanic tour at the SeaCity Museum located at the back of the Southampton Guildhall. The exhibition at the museum tells the Titanic’s story in a highly impressive visual way that offers visitors into the sights and sounds of April 1912. The exhibit starts with the historical background of the city, from the bustling docks of poverty stricken Southampton and concludes with a reconstruction of the court room where the British Inquiry took place. Continue reading “Southampton: The Titanic Trail Tour”

Southampton: The Jane Austen Heritage Trail Tour

Our reason for visiting Southampton three weeks ago was not just for the Titanic Trail Tour but also for the Jane Austen Heritage Trail Tour, and many other historical landmarks the city has to offer. Southampton, situated 75 miles southwest of London, is the largest city in Hampshire County and famous for its association with the ill-fated ship RMS Titanic. Southampton has always been a major port in Britain and is widely known as the cruise capital of Europe. The city is also home to the longest surviving stretch of medieval walls in England, and offers a very fascinating self-guided walking tours with impressive cultural offering from art galleries, museums, parks, to important historical landmarks and fantastic shopping facilities. Continue reading “Southampton: The Jane Austen Heritage Trail Tour”