Memories of a Tropical Paradise

We were in the Philippines from mid-January to mid-February of this year and it was a great blessing to be in the tropics to get away from the freezing cold London weather.  Our third week was spent at Club Paradise in Palawan, one of the best tropical destinations in the country.  Thanks to our very generous benefactor for giving us this exceptional gift. (Thank you L&P 🙂 ) Continue reading “Memories of a Tropical Paradise”

Manila Hotel (A Review, 2nd of 2 Parts)

Here’s Part 1.

Manila Hotel is full of history and old world glamour. The tour of the Archives as well as the old ballroom and other prominent features of the hotel is just some of the things we love to do when we’re staying at the hotel. We’ve done it a few times before, during our previous visits, but we decided to do it again when we were in Manila last month. Every time we do the tour we always learn something new, some very fascinating stories about its famous residents. Continue reading “Manila Hotel (A Review, 2nd of 2 Parts)”

Manila Hotel (A Review, 1st of 2 Parts )

Every time Jared and I visit the Philippines we always stay at our favourite hotels in Manila. Staying at a hotel for the first few nights does allow us to easily transition ourselves into Phil. time without having to worry about trying to fit into my siblings’ busy schedule. Also, it gives us the time to reminisce the good ol’days. It was after all, at the lobby of ‘a hotel’ where Jared first laid his eyes on me. 😉 Continue reading “Manila Hotel (A Review, 1st of 2 Parts )”

New Faith Family Children’s Home

Our visit to an orphanage was one of the highlights of our recent trip to the Philippines. I first heard about this place from my friend, Ann, who has been supporting this ministry for many years now. She brought us to Cainta to meet with Mr. Jeff Long, the founder/director of Kids International Ministries, who runs this place along with his wife and children. Jeff and his family have been living in the Philippines for over two decades now. He first came as a teacher at an international school and decided to quit his job to open up an orphanage. Jeff has shared with us a story that since he arrived in the country, he and his family have always give out food to the street kids. And one day as they were eating at McDonald’s, right after they’ve distributed meals to the street children, his oldest daughter asked him,”can’t we do more for this poor kids?” That’s how New Faith Family Children’s Home came into existence. Since then the Long family’s efforts continue in helping Filipinos see God in a tangible way by offering abandoned children/orphans homes, as well as community development which includes building houses, working with schools, sports camps, water projects, and community centers developed to reach a variety of needs for impoverished people in the community.

Continue reading “New Faith Family Children’s Home”

El Nido Resorts, Palawan, Philippines

This is my diary entry on the 16th of February 2010, three months after my mother passed away. My mom always carried with her a journal or tiny note pads and often jot down her thoughts. In hindsight I realised I’ve copied her habit. 😉 Even when my mom was on her deathbed I have kept a diary and wrote down everything she did; the conversations between family and friends who came to visit; the doctors and nurses who came to check on her, and I practically documented  everything that happened every single day. Upon my return to London, rather than verbally talk about my grief I’d often pull out my pen and paper and wrote down my deepest thoughts and emotions. This is one of those entries that’s too personal but I now feel at liberty to share it here. I’ve added some photographs to make it a little bit more interesting. 😉

Waking up feeling chilled and woozy this morning spurred me to be in a trance: being on a tropical island with the warm sun bathing my skin; the wind blowing through my hair; the coconut trees gently swaying against the breeze and the waves singing to a perfect rhyme. Continue reading “El Nido Resorts, Palawan, Philippines”