Christmas Memories

When I was studying in Japan I wrote a monthly newsletter for the University of the Philippines, Diliman. Thanks to the Vice-Chancellor for Academic Affairs, Dr Milagros Ibe, for encouraging me to do it. I’ve found the original copy of the newsletter I wrote in December of ’92 and decided to share it. Please scroll down to see the 23 year-old printed copy, and though it’s still readable I decided to type it all for easy reading. 😉 

December 1992


Greetings to you and yours! May your holiday be a deeply meaningful time as you celebrate the wondrous event of God becoming man! I am especially looking forward to celebrating Christmas this year because I’ll be with a Japanese Christian family for the winter vacation homestay program. Can’t wait!

Lately, I’ve been observing the character qualities of the Japanese people. One trait that stands out is faithfulness. For example, I spend time with Japanese friends for discussions and studies together. The group consists of three graduate students. I really enjoy them very much. Kindness, warmth and faithfulness usually characterise the members of this group. Continue reading “Christmas Memories”