Nosh and Chat

My friend Adiben told me the other week that she wanted to take me to lunch for my birthday at any restaurant of my choice. She and I have done far too many afternoon tea together, and she made it clear that she’s a little bit tired of this quintessential British pastime.  “I’m a bit tired of eating dainty sandwiches and sweets. I’d rather have late lunch than tea, Sister Elna, just pick the restaurant and we’ll do it.” she told me. She has been my constant ‘tea partner’ since we first did it together at The Ritz back in 2010; and because I’ve been doing this English ritual longer than she did, I can totally understand why she wanted to take a little break from it.  Continue reading “Nosh and Chat”

Afternoon Tea at Andaz Liverpool Street Hotel

Every time my friends ask me for a list of traditional British things to do when they’re visiting London, I always put ‘afternoon tea’ on the long list of suggestions I give them.  More importantly, I always add a note: “there’s nothing more quintessentially British than Afternoon Tea, and you must do it at one of the historic hotels in London.”  More often than not, they’d consider my suggestion and tell me later on that either “they enjoyed it or it’s just not their cup of tea.” 🙂   Continue reading “Afternoon Tea at Andaz Liverpool Street Hotel”